Get the best visa application services in Hong Kong

Get the best visa application services in Hong Kong

If you want to live and work in Hong Kong, then you need a visa. Several types of visas allow the holder to enter, live, and work in Hong Kong temporarily or permanently. The type of visa required will depend on the length and purpose of your stay, as well as whether you already have a job offer.


Hong Kong residents should apply for visas at their nearest Chinese embassy or consulate and get a good solicitors hk. People who live overseas should apply to consulates-general in New York, San Francisco, or Vancouver.


If you fail to follow the exact requirements, then your application may be delayed or even rejected. Before submitting your application, you should contact the relevant authority because procedures vary from one visa office to another. In most cases, it takes two to three months for your visa application legal services hong kong to be processed.


For Hong Kong permanent residents, the HKSAR government issues a Hong Kong Identity Card at age 11 regardless of whether they live in Hong Kong or overseas. If you don’t have one already, you must apply for an ID card at least 30 days before entering Hong Kong. To remain legal in Hong Kong after staying for seven years, non-permanent residents who entered on visitor visas should apply for ‘Long term visit’ – C (for visiting relatives, etc.). This allows them to stay in Hong Kong indefinitely without any time restrictions unless their circumstances change or lose their right of residence. As well as meeting specific criteria, applicants will also need to prove that they can support themselves without becoming a burden on the Hong Kong government.

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If you want to stay in Hong Kong long-term or even settle here, you might want to apply for permanent residency status. This will allow you to live and work in Hong Kong indefinitely while also entitling you to public services such as health care. If approved, the application is valid for seven years and five years after that, with the chance of further extension under certain circumstances.


As mentioned earlier, if you already have a job offer, there are different types of visas that allow the holder to come into Hong Kong and work here for various lengths of time. These include short term working visa (L), which allows foreign nationals who meet specific criteria up to 12 months’ stay; employment visa (E) for foreign employees coming to Hong Kong to take up an offer of local employment which lasts no more than 14 months; and long term working visa (G), which is issued under tough requirements, allowing non-local workers who have a job in Hong Kong and meet certain criteria up to seven years’ stay.


Other applications include:

Dependent visa for family members who want to join their relatives in Hong Kong; Notification visas for those with existing permission of residence/landing approval valid within the validity period; Spouse visa for those married or having lived as husband and wife with a Hong Kong resident or permanent resident as their spouse for not less than two years; Long term visit visas allow holders entry into Hong Kong on a multiple-entry basis to visit relatives who are Hong Kong residents or permanent residents. This visa can be granted up to 10 years, provided the applicants have been married for at least two years. They will not stay in the city beyond the duration of their visitor visa without applying for another type of visa.

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