The Solution for Better Business Growth: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Singapore

The Solution for Better Business Growth: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Singapore

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is vital for every business where accounting software and Excel spreadsheets cannot keep up with the changing work needs. When it comes to finding the right ERP solution, it can be a little daunting. A google search is a start for everything, isn’t it? But the number of solutions that appear on your face makes you more baffled than ever.

Difference between accounting software and ERP

If you do not know what an ERP solution is, do not worry. Many businesses misinterpret ERP software as fancy accounting software but there is a significant difference, let’s have a look. Accounting software facilitates accounting transactions, including billing, purchase order, payroll, general ledger, etc. ERP software, however, has so much more to offer. It covers a wide range of functions, including non-accounting operations like inventory management, human resource management, sales and distribution, and customer relationship management.

What does an ERP system offer?

An ERP system brings different processes taking place in a business at a common table and puts them together in a single integrated system. It ensures that everyone relies on the same information, cutting the need of maintaining separate software and spreadsheets, reducing inconsistencies and data loss.

If you are searching for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Singapore solution, you don’t need to look further anymore because AFON is your solution. The company is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics cloud partners for more than a decade and is also a PSG pre-approved vendor now. The company has offered NAV solutions to many businesses throughout the years.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central?

You might think about why your business should go for Microsoft dynamics. Here are some fair reasons:

  • Faster and accurate financials

It helps in making smarter decisions with the help of insightful analysis tools. It also boosts the efficiency of reporting and closing processes without affecting accuracies. As it automates time-consuming processes, you get a lot more time to analyze the data.

  • Automatic supply chain management

It delivers intelligent insights regarding supplier payments, inventory management, and costs. It can also help in losing sales.

  • Optimized customer strategies

You get to know about the best sales opportunities with Microsoft dynamics. It also keeps track of all the interactions with the clients, responding to them faster.

  • Managing projects

The real-time insights and detailed planning help the business to carry the project profitably. It also tells you about the time and budget involved in a project and how you can improve that.

Apart from these, there are other benefits also like streamlined operations. If you want your business to grow, you can get the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Singapore businesses need, only at AFON, which is trustworthy and reliable.

Guy de Maupassant